Supplement Review TPW Milk Protein 85 (Concentrate)

What can we at Grind Daily say about TPW’s Milk Protein 85 other than WOW!

We’ve tried many a ‘night-time’ protein but had nothing but a frothing mess.

This protein yes froths but not the extent that the major brands casein proteins do. The chocolate silk flavour tastes exactly as it sounds…silky.

If you are after a pre-bed protein shake to avoid entering catabolic state whilst asleep this protein will be of interest to you. It provides the body with a combination of whey protein and slow digesting casein which makes it perfect for use during the night. What this essentially means is that it can ‘drip-feed’ amino acids into the blood stream over a long period of time in comparison to why protein. This is because casein molecules coagulate in the stomach due to gastric acids which forms a clot. This means that the body now has to work hard at breaking this down which is not a quick process. Everytime a piece of this ‘clot’ is broken down, it releases the amino acid carrying the casein which is absorbed in the stomach before entering the blood stream.

Casein need not just be used on a night-time. Athletes can and should consume casein between meals to ensure the body doesn’t enter catabolic state.

You can purchase TPW’s Milk Protein Concentrate 85 at or you can follow them on Twitter @TheProteinWorks

They are a new company and one we at GrindDaily24/7 have nothing but praise for. Excellent customer service, high quality products and at last a company that put’s the customer first. Add to that a free shaker with orders over 1kg you are onto a winner!




Nobody Said It Was Easy

Nobody said that it would be easy

Nobody makes you do it

Nobody cares if you quit

Nobody cares if you cheat on your last rep

Nobody cares if you can’t be bother to finish your sets

Nobody said training would be easy! 


It is so easy to quit when it gets hard, when the results you want to see in the mirror do not come over-night. Training isn’t a short term game; it takes time, patience and perseverance to get the physique that you desire. You’ve got to be willing to work through the pain, make sacrifices in your personal life and push yourself past your perceived limits. Everybody limits however your limits are just perception. You can go harder than you think, the lift that you think is impossible genuinely isn’t impossible. Only when you realise that will you reach your true potential. I see people dropping out, quitting on a daily basis and it is a shame. Grinders do not quit and grinders look for challenges.

Look at each and every one of your workouts as an opportunity to get better, an opportunity to improve and work towards that long term goal. Visualise reaching that goal when it gets tough…and trust me it will get tough. Remember that everytime that you skip a workout, you are forfeiting an opportunity to progress. 

Do your research, surround yourself with likeminded people and DO NOT STOP GRINDING!

Remember if it is easy…you aren’t working hard enough!

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Dream Big, Go Hard, Be Real!

Dare to be different

Dare to dream

There is nothing wrong with being different!

Never let anybody tell you otherwise! Never let anybody ridicule you for having a dream!

Be you, strive to achieve. be real!

Take pride in being who you are, define yourself, stand out from the crowd, don’t be just another somebody.

People may ridicule you for daring to dream big, for being you! Should this bother you?


Forget about fitting in and focus on being the best you can be!

I see too many people trying to be something that they are not just to fit in, to the point they sacrifice their own goals to be accepted. Nobody should base their self-worth on the acceptance of others.

Real people recognise real people; ‘real recognise real’ Think about that!

If your goal isn’t being ridiculed then you are not aiming high enough is something I often hear. It is true, expect to encounter ridicule, it is part and parcel of being a dreamer…but never let ridicule stop you from chasing your dream!.

Dream big, go hard, be real!

‘Real recognise Real’ (Destroy & Rebuild) Nassir Jones

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Quitters Never Prosper

Quitting is easy, it something that anybody can do!

Nobody said it was easy!

Success takes time, success does not come over night, greatness is not achieved from one workout.

Greatness is achieved through putting in the hard work when nobody is about, from studying, from surrounding yourself with those who are better than you. Greatness is something rarely achieved alone, be around people who will hold you accountable, who will stop you from using the words ‘I Quit!’

Know that every time you quit on a set, on a workout that you are allowing your competition to take one step further ahead of you.

It is so simple to just stop, to walk away, to turn your back when times get hard.

Some people will tell you that you are stupid for thinking that you can achieve, for thinking that you can be successful.! These are the same people who will tell you that you cannot achieve and try to put you off doing it.


Because these people quit on themselves at some point, these people do not want you to achieve what they couldn’t. Think about it!

Surround yourself with positive, inspirational and motivational people.

Surround yourself with grinders!

Next time you think of quitting remember this; you will have to live with the regret of never knowing what you could have been…you will be just another quitter!

‘Never give up on your dream!’


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We are all guilty of ‘hating’ on people, hating on things or hating on the achievements of others, but what the hell gives us the right to do so?

Do we hate on others because they can do what we can’t?

Do we hate on others because they have what we don’t?

Do we hate on others to make us feel better about our own insecurities or inadequacies?

In the words of Daniel Bryan the answer to each is ‘YES! YES! YES!

People ‘hating’ on what you do can sap your motivation, make you feel like you are doing something wrong, that maybe your end goal is not achievable. Make you believe that you are as inadequate as your haters want you to believe that you are.

You are not doing something wrong, you are not inadequate and nothing is impossible!

Haters want you to feel like they are better than you, that you don’t belong with them and that you are there to be ridiculed for daring to be different. Being different is what makes you, YOU!  Haters should be nothing more than motivation to carry on towards your end goal.

Never let somebody hating on you stop you from chasing your dreams, don’t ever let them stop you from grinding!

You can hate me now, but I won’t stop now, cause I can’t stop now, you can hate me now’ Nas & Puff Daddy

!!!To all you haters out there, we love you, you light the fire under our us that makes us go that one further step than you!!!

#GrindDaily247 #GD247

@GrindDaily247 Join the Movement

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I Can’t

I can’t, I cannot do it!

Can’t is not a fact, it is an opinion, a perspective!

It is not until you change this perspective that you will truly realise that you…




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It is what we are told to do from a young age! Believe in a higher power, believe in your family, believe in others.

But how can you believe in anything if you do not even believe in yourself?

Believing in yourself and trusting in your own abilities is worth more than any award, any trophy and any victory. Doubting your own ability to succeed is the one thing holding you back, the one thing stopping you from committing to your goal. You have to believe that you are capable of reaching your goals and it doesn’t matter if nobody else believes you can do it, the doubters do not matter one iota. They doubt because they know that they cannot do it themselves, they do not believe in themselves!

Let’s face it, people hate on you because they wish they had your drive, your hunger and your passion. When you’re putting in work whilst they are watching tv, whilst they are sleeping, drinking, smoking, you’re achieving your goals. And the reason you are doing all of this, no it’s not to piss them off, it is because you believe in what you are doing! Never lose site of that, stay humble, stay hungry to improve and most of all remember whenever somebody shoots down your ideas, aim higher!

If you believe in what you do then you will find a way, find a way to put in the work when others don’t, to take risks when others dare not, to strive for perfection when others expect and accept mediocrity.

Just Believe!



Goals-Questions for You!

We all set goals, but do we really need to share them with others? Does meeting your goal feel better because others know that you’ve met them? Does sharing your goals make them any more important?

Goals to me are something to keep private, something to motivate you, something to give you purpose. Goals are such a personal thing, sharing goals with people is like sharing a part of you, a part of you that you will not get back. Sounds dramatic I know but think about it this way, that goal was something personal to you, something motivated you deep down to set that goal but now you’ve shared that with the world it surely isn’t just your goal anymore?

Some people excel from sharing their goals, maybe they love the extra pressure that it generates?

Some people excel from keeping their goals to themselves, maybe it is the ownership of the goal that motivates them to excel?

Does the not sharing of goals come down to a fear of failure? Sounds harsh but do we not share goals because at least if we do not meet them nobody else knows we’ve not met them?

I will share one thing with you relating to my goals, I choose not to share them. I feel that by sharing them I am losing ownership of them. Knowing that only I can make myself train and diet to meet them motivates me more than any person ever could so I don’t feel the need to share them.

I genuinely would be interested to hear your thoughts on goals, share as much as you want to!

Hit us up on Twitter @grinddaily247 using the #GrindDaily247


Excuses Excuses Excuses


I failed because coach played me out of position, because the ball was too hard, too flat, it had no grip, because I were unlucky!


Unlucky! You make your own luck!


Notice how each of the above are never my fault but all are the ‘fault’ of somebody else.

You will never ever improve until you can accept that you are to blame for your shortcomings.


Learn from your mistakes, seek guidance from those who are better than you and study, study, study.


Knowledge conquers all regardless whether you are a basketball player or a gym rat!


Train hard, train smart and never ever be known as the person who has nothing to offer but excuses.



He who blames the ball will never have it all!


We’ve all failed!

We’ve all felt like we’ve let others down, let ourselves down.

We’ve all felt ashamed, inadequete after we’ve ‘failed’.

Everyone is entitled to falter, to stumble, to fall.

Failure isn’t something to ridicule nor is it something to fear.

If you can embrace defeat the same as victory, if you can learn from every mistake, use each error as motivation to improve you have not failed!

People who do not make mistakes have never left their comfort zone, they’ve never pushed themselves beyond their limits and they’ll never achieve what you will achieve!

Failure is not fatal for failure is not the end, it is an opportunity to brush yourself  down and go at it again, for failure is only fatal when you give up.

Failure is a state of mind!

You write your own life story, you only fail when you give up!



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